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AJN Book of the Year Award Winner!


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  • What's New

  • Sensible discussion of how the nursing process relates to new clinical judgment models

  • How to deal with information overload, become a conceptual learner, and make the most of clinical simulations and competency evaluations

  • How to think with health information technology; how to prevent and deal with errors

  • Strong focus on systems thinking, interprofessional practice, and the realities of current clinical practice

  • Ensuring that “nursing thinking” and patient preferences are included in interprofessional decision-making

  • Completely updated section on 21st-century nurse skills and QSEN competences

  • Developing leadership skills that will serve you well in clinical, learning, and personal situations

  • While the focus is on clinical practice readiness, there are numerous practice sessions to help you gain virtually all the skills that are likely to be tested on the NGN Exam (e.g., forming and refining hypotheses; recognizing and analyzing cues; distinguishing relevant from irrelevant; setting priorities; generating solutions; taking action; and evaluating outcomes)